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The Process

We pride ourselves on designing and building something that fits exactly with layout requirements of your stores.

Our designs will allow you to adapt elements of your layout quickly and easily.

Step through our process below ..


  • We’ll discuss the project with you to determine the optimum solution.

  • This includes:

  • Concept – What are your objectives?

  • Clientele – Who is your target audience?

  • Demographic – Locations

  • Brand – Are you working with a pre-set brand/concept?

  • Budget – What are your parameters?

  • Time Scale – When is the delivery/opening date?




Our design inspiration comes from:

  • Identify competition – You should stand out from the crowd

  • Contemporary design – Using the latest the market has to offer

  • Space planning/layout – Flow of customers/deliveries/urban traffic

  • Colours/textures/materials – Creating an ambience that suits your brand

  • Signage – Appealing to your target audience and sympathetic to the location

  • Merchandising & impulse point of sales – 90 percent of shoppers buy items not on their shopping list. Make the most of your merchandise.


At this stage we will finalise the design with you as well as the costs and timescales.











Once the design is finalised we will produce a detailed project plan and fully manage the planning and construction, including any contractors, to ensure a smooth hassle-free process.









The installation will of course be professional and to a very high standard. And on time and on budget.










Contact us today and let us show you how we can help ..

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