Radstock social distancing


We have entered a new phase in our lockdown, where stores are beginning to open up and social distancing is the new norm. We have been supplying stickers for Radstock Co-op throughout the lockdown.

Despite being the new norm, it seems for many, it is easy to forget that we need to keep our distance from others. This is for our own safety as well as others. To help increase awareness, convenience stores throughout the country (indeed, the world), have been adding stickers and notices to their stores. These little prompts are incredibly important for our safety.

We have worked with Radstock Co-op and our graphics company, to produce some striking, yet simply posters, stickers, and notices, to remind us to keep our distance. As more shops are due to open soon, the same needs to be implemented in other retail business, as well as reception areas, offices, and schools, etc.

If your business is due to re-open soon, or if you have been open for a while but are struggling with social distancing, why not contact us to see what we can do for you?

Stay safe, everyone.