Quality Design Snow & Rock Port Solent


Quality over quantity? How important is interior design, and how can a highly proficient shopfitter fulfil your dream?

Since the beginning of lockdown, the country has become more aware of the importance of exercise. Not only does it help our physical health, but also our mental health. Over lockdown online sales picked up, but I think we can all agree nothing beats actually going in to a shop. Being able to hold the products, try them on, and speak to friendly knowledgeable staff simply can’t be beaten. But simply having a shop is not enough anymore. Customer experience is incredibly important. This is where a decent interior design comes in.

Your products not only need to look good, but the whole ambience of the retail needs to feel good. It needs to be inviting, inspiring, and needs to keep your customers lingering for longer. We believe the amazing interior designs for the Snow & Rock store in Port Solent does precisely that! Here at Total Design Shopfitting, we feel passionate about your designs and want you to fulfill your dreams. We pride ourselves on providing the best in the construction industry. We were thrilled to be asked to carry out the installation of the Runners Need Shop-in-shop and the Cotswold Outdoor Footwear wall inside the store. And we think the finished product speaks for itself. Why not take a trip to the store and see for yourself?

Although we have our own in-house design team, we also pride ourselves on bringing your vision to life. Give us a call and we can chat about your vision.